new-frame: Christiane Waller

Christiane Waller (CEO)

I was born and raised in Weil am Rhein in 1963. Weil am Rhein is close to Switzerland and due to this proximity I was educated at a private business school. I started my career at Lufthansa before finally becoming self-employed as trainer and coach.

Encounters with people is one of the main themes of my life. I find it amazing what people can do given they receive the right stimulus.

Heinz von Försters once said "man is not a human being but a human becoming". This dictum accurately portrays my view on people. I firmly believe in the chances for development that we all have.

I aspire to work with you sustainably and successfully, to do so I try to constantly improve myself through my own further education.

I have the following certifications:

  • NLP Master Trainer (DVNLP)
  • NLP Coach (DVNLP)
  • wingwave-Coach
  • TTT – Trauma Tapping Technique
  • Coach for Energy Psychology (EP), doctrine of Dr. Fred Gallo
  • Education in provocative intervention, doctrine of Dr. Frank Farrelly
  • Crew Ressource Management
new-frame: Anne Wingchen

Anne Wingchen (Consultant)

Originally from Leverkusen, I completed my studies as a Sport’s Coach at the German Sports Univerity of Cologne in 1994. Throughout my studies I also played professional basketball for the TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen. After years as an athlete I started my career as a Sport Coach at my former club, and in 2010 I was made their director. My own career in sports, and also accompanying many athletes, has over the years taught me that the challenges and opportunities sports provide us with have a remarkable effect on our personal development.

Within my work I use this experience as well as capabilities in multiple approaches to support you on your individual path.

On top of that I operate as specialist advisor for Dual Career.

I have the following qualifications:

  • NLP Master (DVNLP)
  • wingwave-Coach
  • Degreed sports trainer
new-frame: Dr. Angelika Filius

Dr. Angelika Filius (Consultant)

I was born in 1962, I have one daughter, two grand-daughters and l live in an inspiring partnership. Two questions have accompanied me for 25 years of my professional and private life: “How could we make our living and working environment friendlier and more fulfilling?” and “What is it that really heals us?” The answer is always: communication and relations.

My professional biography begins with natural sciences (agricultural engineering and geoecology), then goes on to teaching and expert assessment activities in the environmental protection segment, project management in renewable energies and dealings with “family-friendly company environments” all the way to my current activities as communications and recovery coach.

These activities are primarily based on my own emotional crises and stays at psychiatric clinics following a car accident, during which I lost a leg, and which I now regard as my treasures, as they enable me to sensitively accompany other people and authentically and transparently communicate the issues of “psychiatric health in companies” and “prevention” at seminars.

I have the following qualifications:

  • Training as a Physical Gestalt Therapist
  • Training as an EX-IN recovery assistant and coach
  • Advanced training in non-violent and transparent communication
  • Further advanced trainings: Trauma dynamics, counselling and hospice work
new-frame: Dr. Karin Issberner

Dr. Karin Issberner (Consultant)

I was born in 1969, I'm married and have one son.

After diploma and promotion in chemistry (University of Bonn) I started my business career with a primary focus on the health care arena. I held different leadership positions which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about complex matrix organisations and working in an international environment.

In more than 10 years in business, I had the chance to collect quite some knowledge and experience in areas like leadership, management strategy, communication, project management, change management and others.

My focus has always been on working with and learning about human beings. And then life gave me the opportunity to completely concentrate my working time on my biggest interest: I started my coaching career and now very much enjoy the possibilities of accompanying and supporting individuals for some steps of their paths.

Qualification and experience
  • NLP Practioner, Master
  • ILP Coach, Business Coach
  • wingwave Coach, Trainer
  • Work-Health-Balance Coach & Business - Coach for systemic short term concepts
  • process and structural competence
  • empathy and respect
  • personal experience with challenging life and business situations
new-frame: Clemens Tilmann

Clemens Tilmann (Consultant)

Born in 1950 as the youngest of 7 children in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, I got to observe group dynamics at an early age. This lead to my passion for communications and my interest in where the "things of life" have their place.

In my times as a seeker I completed multitudinous trainings and was engaged in various activities in diverse fields. Working as an alternative practitioner, I found my vocation in my therapeutic and consulting activities. Managers, project leaders and colleagues have relied on my knowledge and wisdom. In numerous growth groups and seminars on communication and resilience development I gained experience as a group leader.

It is my intention to empower people to shape their own lives.

I am an alternative practitioner, certified in trauma therapy (Somatic Experiencing (SE) by Peter Levine), and a wingwave coach.
new-frame: Judith Winkler

Judith Winkler (Consultant)

I have been living in this world since 1958. Having always been observant, I knew at an early age that I wanted to work in the field of psychotherapy and started taking preparatory courses when I was 16. After my A-levels and a voluntary social year I completed my professional training as an alternative practitioner and bioenergetic analyst.

In my practice, body psychotherapy and coaching are both in high demand. I work with children as well as teenagers and adults.

I am committed to supporting and strengthening people so they can find their own way to express their individual skills and talents.

I am an alternative practitioner, trained in bioenergetic analysis and certified as a wingwave coach – comprehensive training in communications and trauma therapy.








Gut Schenkelieck
Oberlieck 5
52525 Heinsberg/Germany

Phone: +49 173 6515 053

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