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Christiane Waller (Managing Director)

I was born and raised in Weil am Rhein in 1963. Weil am Rhein is close to Switzerland and due to this proximity I was educated at a private business school. I started my career at Lufthansa before finally becoming self-employed as trainer and coach.

Encounters with people is one of the main themes of my life. I find it amazing what people can do given they receive the right stimulus.

Heinz von Försters once said "man is not a human being but a human becoming". This dictum accurately portrays my view on people. I firmly believe in the chances for development that we all have.

I aspire to work with you sustainably and successfully, to do so I try to constantly improve myself through my own further education.

I have the following certifications:

  • NLP Master Trainer (DVNLP)
  • NLP Coach (DVNLP)
  • wingwave-Coach
  • TTT – Trauma Tapping Technique
  • Coach for Energy Psychology (EP), doctrine of Dr. Fred Gallo
  • Education in provocative intervention, doctrine of Dr. Frank Farrelly
  • Crew Ressource Management








Historical building "Alter Bahnhof Gangelt":
Hanxler Str. 15
52538 Gangelt

Barrier-free working on the farm:
Dorfstr. 55
52538 Selfkant-Wehr/Germany

Phone: +49 173 6515 053
Mail: info@new-frame.de

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