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What is PRI?

The Personal Resilience Indicator (PRI) is a snapshot of your current resilience status. The PRI uses 64 questions to determine a current resilience status, but also takes into account the dynamic nature of resilience. The assessment is based on self-assessments, and participants are asked to focus on their experiences over the past four weeks. Therefore, current circumstances and temporary states of mind may influence the result. We generally recommend not filling out the questionnaire on "difficult" days (e.g. shortly after a conflict, negative feedback or a disappointing experience).

The PRI has been comprehensively validated in its original English version. It was transferred into German and proofread by a professional translator for new-frame.

More information about the PRI (in German only):

The sense of security is a feeling. Just like unsertainty. This turns uncertainty management into emotion management.

The careful handling of emotions can be learned and deepened. For more inner stability and clarity in turbulent times such as we are going through at the moment. Here I offer individual programs tailored for each customer group.









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