Coaching opens the door to various opportunities for your development. Our coaching method can be applied to either individuals or entire groups.

Our coaching are based on bilateral stimulation of hemispheres, NLP-questioning techniques and kinesiology. Specialists and experienced coaches match the coaching to your individual needs.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching offers the possibility to specifically educate a single person. Professional and private goals can be accomplished in a confidential setting.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching allows you to find individual solutions for specific groups within your company and improve the associated employees. Group Coaching can be used if there are conflicts in particular departments or in management.

wingwave® Coaching

What is wingwave® Coaching? (external link)


The most important capital of a company are the employees. These must be guided through the continuous development of a company. Most of the time it is much easier to change processes and structures than to gain the emotional participation of the workforce. It is important to make the employees professionally and emotionally fit for the upcoming challenges. In clear terms: Very focussed management training in small groups can quickly lead to superb success.


Energetic Psychology

Energetic psychology is based on the presumption that our energetic fields and meridians are occasionally blocked. Using a combination of throbbing techniques, kinesiology tests, and accompanying rhetorical patterns can unblock meridians and energetic fields.

Energetic psychology can help in particular with:
Specific phobias, negative experiences, grief, depression Problems with self-worth, feelings of guilt and shame Performances block, lack of energy Frustration, agitation, nervousness and anger, pain, jetlag Eating disorders and other addictive behavior.

More information on energetic psychology (external link)









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