"Man is not human being, man is a human becoming" – Heinz von Förster

Personal development does not have to be a coincidence.

Presumably, you are not here by chance. You may be looking for new perspectives and impulses for your team or yourself.

With various training and coaching skills, I accompany you in the soft skills area through change and development processes. My work focuses on self- and emotion management especially for individuals and small leader and management teams.




Christiane Waller
CEO new-frame

christiane waller










Historical building "Alter Bahnhof Gangelt":
Hanxler Str. 15
52538 Gangelt

Barrier-free working on the farm:
Dorfstr. 55
52538 Selfkant-Wehr/Germany

Phone: +49 173 6515 053
Mail: info@new-frame.de







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