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You are probably not visiting by chance. Perhaps you are looking for new approach regarding your team or yourself. Perhaps at this very moment there is a possibility to develop new skills and you have not found the right approach to it just yet.

My fields of work are mainly Training, Coaching and Consulting. My team and I propose to you many different opportunities for your development: For example, the training tool "Top Results with Top Athletes", enables you to effectively learn from the best. Or maybe you are interested in the wingwave-method that quickly provides you with steps forward on the road to success.

As consultants we can help your company to develop a motivated environment for your employees, and foster an attitude of personal & professional development. This is a core value of the Change Management process monitoring. Our specialization in Sports "Dual Career" is a great asset to this process.

With a network of highly qualified coaches, new-frame is the right organisation to meet your challenges in a sustainable and positive way. Find out more about our coaches here. Take your challenges with us as a springboard for positive developments.

"Future success is built upon the opportunities of the present."




Christiane Waller
CEO new-frame

Christiane Waller new-frame








Gut Schenkelieck
Oberlieck 5
52525 Heinsberg/Germany

Phone: +49 173 6515 053
Mail: info@new-frame.de







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