Certificate TTT Trauma Tapping Technique Christiane Waller - new-frameChristiane Waller is now certified in "TTT – Trauma Tapping Technique". A great first aid method to help traumatized people and to reduce stress.

Kindly get in touch when help is needed.


Click here to view the certificate "TTT - Trauma Tapping Technique" as a PDF file

Christiane Waller (new-frame) was invited for a lecture at Beijing Tsinghua University through Mason Invest, a China based group of internationally operating consultants, on the subject "Sports and Career – inspiration on the way to success“.

The participants did not only have the occasion to hear more about Dual Career and Mental Training in Germany, but also gave a lot of insights on the Chinese way of managing the subjects.

This fruitful exchange of ideas was an enrichment for all of participants.


Impressions of the lecture:

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  • 2_new_frame_vortrag_universitaet1
  • 3_new_frame_vortrag_universitaet2
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